Conversation with God… an uncommon dialogue. Book Review


An astounding book with out of the box ideas and improbable possibilities…..

Last month was a time of uncanny paradoxes, while I took ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ to bed with me, I woke up with Conversation with God, an uncommon dialogue. Anyone who has read both these books will agree they cannot be more paradoxical or unlike each other. One filled with dark carnal fantasies and the other with overwhelming spiritual awakening. In a way it was good that it happened that way… I could understand and appreciate each in respect to the other.

Having elaborately penned my views of ‘Fifty Shades… ‘, I thought I’d make it habit to chronicle what I am reading or learning in this blog. So here goes with ‘Conversation with God, an uncommon dialogue’…. Or CWG as the author lovingly likes to call it…

CWG, an uncommon dialogue by Neale Donald Walsh…


The book is a dialogue between a man who has an immense emotional baggage that has worn him down much in life and an inner voice that identifies itself as god… no, really, God, yes.. its Him, the big man Himself.. …

Now, God has an important message to pass on to the human kind and is awaiting a listening ear. HE is disheartened at what they have brought down upon themselves in terms of their relationships with each other and with the environment and feels a prerogative to intervene through any soul that will abide. For better or worse, HE has chosen the author. The dialogue is that of a FAQ session. He asks and HE answers. The questions vary from what is death, to what is a soul, do alien’s exist, where in the universe is God, who is God, who are we, where are we and what are deja vus? The exchange is intense, exciting and embroiling. It is as difficult for the author to grasp what he proposes as it is for the readers, but then what he presents or rather God proposes is quite a fantastic motion. Implausible but nonetheless compelling and beautiful…

Here is what God aspires you to learn ;

  1. There is just one Being : That One Being is the supreme soul of which each of us is but a nib. Once upon a time, where there was no time, nor space, all there was, was the One Being who having been for a very long while needed to experience himself as all that HE is and all that HE can be. HE needed to feel the up from the down, the here from the there, the now from the then but there was no one to be all that with. So, HE disintegrated into a million little attributes. While some became here, some there, some up, some down, some big, some small, some good, some bad, some beautiful, some ugly, some matter, some energy…. And this way one attribute could experience himself completely in relation and comparision to another. This seems a bit incredulous but holds water, only having experienced hunger does one appreciate what a hearty meal does to your insides.
  2. cwg8Thought, Action and Being is the driving energy of the universe. Well, that’s not really original. With a number of theories floating around Law of Attraction, this one can fit in quite well. The author says that just as the universe was brought forth through only a Thought first so is everything else in the universe since. Even your own actions or future will begin with the Thought, hence he encourages you to control your thoughts and lead it to your destiny. One can do this by deciding ‘Who is he’ and ‘What does he choose to be’ in relation to the external catalyst. Before every thought or action, decide Who are you an choose a path accordingly. It’s amazing how well this works, I have started working on it and feel so much in charge of my emotions.
  3. CWG9

3. It seems there is no divine plan for anyone here on earth. We have not come down here to live out a predestined story. We are only here to remember ‘Who we are’ and that is ‘a part of a divine whole’. We may choose to return here to remember just that again and again, to enjoy the journey of remembering and rejoicing in All that there is or we may return to the Whole and stay until we wish to experience a feeling of separateness or distinction by choosing an attribute to live out. Again, a very novel and wondrous idea. Explains a lot of paranormal and out of body experiences.

4. The author further extrapolates that there is life on other planets, some highly evolved in their observation of ‘What is’ and ‘What works’. These alien forms understand the Oneness of all the souls including the inanimate ones and acts only toward the betterment of the whole rather than the individual part. They will easily lay down their body if it is for the larger good. The theory seems to issue forth from traditional societies here itself on Earth, nonetheless, a noble thought.


The book offers a number of unconventional tenets in respect to the workings of all things from the universe, to nature of societies, to relations, to the future of human kind. It is all very convincing and to the indoctrinated zealot may appear like a new way of life. It has the potential to become religiously and spiritually important in the awakening of the human spirit to metaphysical realities. It is thought provoking, profound, insightful and completely gratifying.


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