Hello out there!!!

“Hellooo out there”, bellowed the lonely light keeper down the dark tunnel, while waiting for the midnight express to pass, hoping its tracks remain devoid of all human and animal tracks as far as possible…

This excerpt from a bygone decade pops up in my head as I start my blogging journey. It belongs to a short stories English literature text too full of grisly endings for a sixth grader. Yet it pops up now with more meaning than any wise quote or idiom could. So against all other instincts I choose to start my blog with “Hello out there……”

Like this light keeper, warily and vigilantly keeping his lonely watch in the midst of nowhere, so too I stand stranded in a desolate land of many tragedies and triumphs. Like this light keeper I call out from my end of the tunnel to the world out there holding out a beacon if I may… of what I have learnt and still learning everyday…

My name is Minn Malhotra and I wear too many hats than a Lernaean Hydra would care for. I am a mother of two boys wonderful and weird, an Image Consultant – its essence will come to you duly; an adventurer of spirit- a wandering soul; a dreamer – of various wonderful and outlandish things; an aficionado of healthful living and bliss; a wayward traveler – bold and unremorseful ;  and somewhere within this mix is a slightly feministic trait.

Through this blog I hope to journal through all these myriad tendencies and create an experience and a condensation of my own journey and learning. Many of these may resound in your lives as well, if so,  please feel free to write and let me know….

                                                                            ….. ALL ABOARD!!!


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